“MODO Session” 45 minutes:
“MODO in Pipelines – get throught the work from construction to art”
André Löscher/Kirchlengern, Germany

MODO started as pure Hard-Surface-Modeller and took its place by integrating a complete new workflow beside the competitors. Then, by and by, several requests of users were implemented and today MODO is a comprehensive tool for realizing several topics within a 3D and VFX pipeline. Andre Loescher will show several aspects of intelligent placing MODO’s Inputs, Tools and Outputs based on the needs of CAD, photography, graphic design, compositing and art.

“MODO in Production – Rigging a Car”
Matthias Zellerhoff/Paderborn, Germany

Matthias will explain how rigging in MODO works. He will show how to build up a rig that is able to animate a full car model along a path. Furthermore ground interaction and automated wheel turning will be addressed.

“Ventuz Session” 45 minutes:
” Why should Softimage users look into Ventuz”
Erik Beaumont, COO Ventuz Technology/Munich, Germany

As realtime 3D graphics is evolving and expanding into different areas of the market, apart from traditional broadcast and postproduction environments, 3D artists can now enjoy a world of opportunities to show their creative skills. In this session, we will look into Ventuz, best of breed realtime 3D graphics software used in broadcast, interactive applications, presentations and events, among other professional applications. If you’re asking yourself what’s next after Softimage, you better take a look at Ventuz.

“Fabric Engine Session” 45 minutes:
“Fabric Engine 2.0″
Helge Mathee, Eric Mootz, Fabric Software Inc/Montreal, Canada

Helge and Eric will talk about  “Fabric Engine 2.0″. Fabric Engine is a digital content creation platform that enables anyone to build powerful tools and applications for VFX, Games, Virtual Reality and Visualization. Fabric Engine comes with a visual programming system that enables artists and developers of all levels to take advantage of an execution engine that handles complex tasks like multithreading and GPU computing. This core platform provides the foundation for the various components required for building 2D and 3D content creation tools, all of which can be integrated within existing production pipelines.

“Cinema 4D Session” 45 minutes:
“Cinema 4D Release 17 – What´s new!“
Glenn Frey, Maxon/Friedrichsdorf, Germany

Glenn Frey will talk about the new features of Cinema 4D in R17. Cinema 4D R17 makes the easiest-to-use professional 3D software more efficient than ever before. New tools as well as expanded and completely reworked features help you turn your ideas into reality even quicker and with less effort. The improved workflow helps you meet the tightest deadlines. We’ve even gone so far as to re-invent the line!

“Making of Session” 45 minutes:
“Seed” – doing a short movie without any briefing and client restrictions”
Fuat Yüksel, Aixsponza/München, Germany

Fuat Yüksel, Lead FX Artist at Aixsponza, will be presenting an in-depth-behind-the scenes look into the artistic and technical workflow of the Munich-based CG studio. He will show how the team used different tools and packages within a Cinema 4D-Pipeline to accomplish a VFX-filled short movie as a free project without any client restrictions and briefing. He will talk about using highly detailed photoscanning, combining Houdini Effects with Maxon´s tools and integrating different render engines to seamlessly accomplish a highly acclaimed project from start to finish.

“Houdini Session” 45 minutes:
Sneak peek: Houdini 15
Paul Fratesi, Scott Keating, Sidefx/Toronto, Canada

Paul and Scott from Sidefx will give an overview on Houdini 15 and the new features in this brand new release. For over twenty years Side Effects has been providing artists with procedural 3D animation and visual effects tools designed to create the highest-quality cinematic results.

“Houdini Session” 45 minutes:
“Double Crunched Mantra-Nuts”
Max Zimmermann, Andy Chlupka, Fiftyeight GmbH/Franfurt a.M., Germany

When it comes to Packshots, almost every agency or client knows about the sentence „We’ll do that in Post“. But when it comes to tasty looking Ingredients or the product itself, most clients tend to be a bit afraid of entirely produced digital food, because it might not appear as yummy as it should be. FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION conviced successfully another of their clients like Niederegger and Storck not to be afraid of the „total digitalness“ and busted out some nice foodvisuals for a TV-sponsorship of the german snackproducer Lorenz.

“Making of Session” 45 minutes:
“From a Car-Interieur-3D-Scan to 3D model and making of an ´Airbus A319´ 
Jörg Behr, Behr-Bros/Ebersbach, Germany

Steffen and Jörg from Behr-Bros GmbH will talk about making a high resolution sub-d model based on 3D scans of a Nissan Qashqai interior. They will also talk about building a high-detail Airbus A319 3D model from first the photo shooting to the final 3D model. The model was later used for a print campaign.

Topics or presenters may change