“Making of Session” 45 minutes:
“Making of: Nike Air Max 1″
Matthias Zabiegly, Aixsponza Munich/Germany

Developing a full retail package from layout to final for Nikes Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit launch. We’ll look at mood frames and dive deep into knitting technology both in 3d and real life.


“Cinema 4D Session” 45 minutes:
“Procedural Workflows in Cinema 4D”“
Orestis Konstantinidis, Maxon/Friedrichsdorf, Germany

Demonstrating the combination of MoGraph and Fracturing in C4D 4D R18 for an artist-oriented, non-destructive workflow. Followed up by a small making of, where we take appart a setup built with native C4D tools.

Orestis started as a freelancer and later worked in a Japanese studio for a few years. He is a t
echnically-minded with special interest on rigging and animation.
Now Orestis working at Maxon Computer GmbH as part of the UX Design team.

“Houdini Session” 45 minutes:
“Designing with VFX”
Moritz Schwind, Aixponza, Munich/Germany

Today motion design is infused more and more with elements and techniques from VFX. In situations where well proven design tools struggle, Houdini is the software of choice when it comes to advanced procedural setups.
Join us on the route from traditional motion design to generative artwork. Moritz Schwind of Entagma is going to give you insights into his learning process, typical workflow and methods when developing procedural setups in Houdini.


“Making of Session” 45 minutes:

“Making of: Mercedes Benz – Backstage”
Henning Westerwelle, Infected Post, Hamburg/Germany

Case Study: Mercedes Benz – Backstage – how we created a fully digital music fest concert. Henning Westerwelle presents from a producer and VFX Supervising perspective the case study of Mercedes Benz Sprinter “Backstage” production. A film that involved the work of all disciplines from Infected for quite a few months.



“Keyshot Session” 45 minutes:

“Rendering made fast, easy and accurate with KeyShot”

Dries Vervoort, Luxion, Aarhus/Denmark

Learn how KeyShot can cover all your visualization needs. Find out how KeyShot enables you to create amazing renderings and animations, fast and easy. KeyShot is a CAD independant and standalone CPU based renderer and supports the widest number of 3D file formats on both Mac and PC.

Dries Vervoort holds a Master’s degree in Product Development from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He built several years of experience as an industrial designer before his long-standing passion for 3D visualization led him to move from Belgium to Aarhus, Denmark to support the development of KeyShot. He joined the ranks of Luxion as a Digital Media Artist and development supporter in August 2015. Dries divides most of his time between idea generation, concept development, creative development, software testing and training.

“ToonBoom and Making of” 45 minutes:
“From mice and monsters – a sketch hits the big screen”
Christian Asmussen, TrickStudio Lutterbeck GmbH, Cologne, Germany

Since 1988 TrickStudio Lutterbeck produces 2D animation. On 09/08/16 TrickStudio’s first feature film “Molly Monster – The Movie” will be released.
Christian Asmussen shows the production of 2D hand-drawn animation with a lot of excerpts from current productions.


“Making of Session” 45 minutes:
Making of:
Tim Borgmann, Wuppertal/Germany

Tim Borgmann will talk about recent projects, beginning from “MindOverEye” to “Kinderriegel”. Tim is working as a freelance artist in vfx and graphics national as well as internationsl since the mid of the nineties. During the years he has worked on a wide range of projects for different clients. His main focus is mostly vfx, look deveklopment and design. Besides my commercial work tim spends his time on free art projects, always seeking for aesthetic and interesting image worlds.

“Clarisse Session and Making of” 45 minutes:

“Creating a massive city and landscape in Softimage and Isotropix Clarisse”

Jasper Scheepbouwer,  Planet X FX, Amsterdam/Netherlands

Jasper Scheepbouwer, 3D supervisor at Dutch VFX-studio Planet X FX, will talk about how he took on the task of creating 16th-century Antwerp for an upcoming feature film. Along the way, he hopes to explain what Isotropix Clarisse actually is and how it can work as a companion to Softimage.