Time Presentation
10:00-10:45 “MODO in Pipelines – get through the work from construction to art“
André Löscher/Kirchlengern, Germany
“MODO in Production – Rigging a Car“
Matthias Zellerhoff/Paderborn, Germany
Break 15 minutes
11:00 – 11:45 Fabric Engine 2.0“
Helge Mathee, Eric Mootz, Fabric Software Inc/Montreal, Canada
Break 15 minutes
12:00 – 1245 “From a Car-Interior-3D-Scan to 3D model and making of an ´Airbus A319´ 
Jörg Behr, Behr-Bros/Ebersbach, Germany
Lunch Break
1h and 15 minutes
 We have lunch together downstairs in the Restaurant
14:00-14:45 ” Why should Softimage users look into Ventuz”
Erik Beaumont, COO Ventuz Technology/Munich, Germany
Break 15 minutes
15:00-1545 “Cinema 4D Release 17 – What´s new!“
Glenn Frey, Maxon/Friedrichsdorf, Germany
Break 15 minutes
16:00-16.45 “Seed” – doing a short movie without any briefing and client restrictions“
Fuat Yüksel, Aixsponza/München, Germany
Break 15 minutes
17:00-17:45 Sneak peek: Houdini 15
Paul Fratesi, Scott Keating, Sidefx/Toronto, Canada
Break 15 minutes
18:00-18:30 “Double Crunched Mantra-Nuts”
Max Zimmermann, Andy Chlupka, Fiftyeight GmbH/Franfurt a.M., Germany
18:30 TOMBOLA and Goodbye
from 19:00 Having dinner and some beer in the city. Maxon will sponsor the first drink!