My Name is Oliver Weingarten and I´m organizing the ÜberTage|Meeting (fomally known as “SOFTIMAGE|ÜberTage”) since 2009.

Actually, the roots of our usermeeting were layed in the XSI|Forum over 10 years ago. Back in those days we wanted to establish somekind of usermeeting, to meet up in physical world instead of just reading from each other in the forum.

In 2009 I took over the organisation of the event and since then, the meeting takes place in Siegen/Germany.

Since the owner of SOFTIMAGE announced the EOL of SOFTIMAGE in March 2014, we are trying to keep the spirit of our usermeeting and community alive and open up our meeting to all 3D and DCC packages out there. If you would like to contribute or sponsor our event, feel free to send me an e-mail.

I´m trying to create a versatile program containing creative aspects, making-ofs as well as some technical presentations about new stuff coming up. In 2010 for example, our meeting was the first official event where “Arnold” from Solidangle, the famous 3D renderer, was shown. And we are proud of that 😉

Looking forward to see you all again in Septermber 2016!

Oliver Weingarten