ÜberTage|2016 will take place on
Friday, September 16th, 2016


Some productions that will be part of the show!  😉

This will be the last ÜberTage!

I made the decision to end the ÜberTage meetings after this event taking place coming Friday. The response got lower and lower thae last years. I organized this event for 8 years and it was always fun and pleasure to meet so many nice people here. I´m thankful for so many good things! We had great talks and a pretty nice time together.
Thanks for all the support from sponsors and all the people who were speaking and sharing stuff with us. Thanks to those, who visited us and took part. Thanks a lot an take care! Maybe we will met in some other kind of meeting Anyway, looking forward to this Friday and meeting some of you guys again in the old spirit!!

Cheers, Oliver


Take a look HERE!!

Visit us in Siegen/Germany on September 16th, 2016 at 10h in the morning! Beginning from last year, we are completely open to all 3D applications out there. So, if you are using Softimage, Cinema4d, Modo, Houdini, Blender or what ever, you are welcome to visit ÜberTage|2016 and share your thoughts with us!

Participation is free of charge, thanks to our sponsors! ‘
Dinner and coffee is also provided for free!
So, please visit their websites!

Beside technical presentations, we will have some pretty making ofs and talks about other stuff related to 3D content creation.
In the evening after the event in the near city of Siegen and we will have dinner and some drinks together.

Win cool prices at our tombola!

If you have any suggestions for a presentation, please contact ME..!


ÜberTage|2016 will take place on
Friday, September 16th, 2016



Special thanks to Pilgway for their generous sponsorship!! The special ended today! Thanks!!

Some impressions from ÜberTage|2015: